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1Oct-2019Leptin and Associated Mediators of Immunometabolic Signaling: Novel Molecular Outcome Measures for Neurostimulation to Treat Chronic PainKinfe TMBuchfelder MChaudhry SRChakravarthy KVDeer TRRusso M Georgius PHurlemann RRasheed MMuhammad SYearwood TL
218-Mar-2019Expansion and activation of distinct central memory T lymphocyte subsets in complex regional pain syndromeRusso M Fiore NTvan Vreden CBailey DSantarelli DMMcGuire HMFazekas de St Groth BAustin PJ
3Mar-2019Chronic abdominal wall painRusso M Volschenk WNazha ASantarelli D
4Oct-2018A new hypothesis for the pathophysiology of complex regional pain syndromeRusso M Georgius PSantarelli DM
514-Aug-2018Comment on "probable tapentadol-associated serotonin syndrome after overdose"Russo M Santarelli DIsbister G
61-Aug-2018Cervical spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of essential tremorRusso M Santarelli DUshtana S
7Mar-2018Meaningful relief with flurbiprofen 8.75 mg spray in patients with sore throat due to upper respiratory tract infectionde Looze FRusso M Bloch MMontgomery BShephard ADeVito R
812-Jan-2018Muscle Control and Non‐specific Chronic Low Back PainRusso M Deckers KEldabe SKiesel KGilligan CVieceli JCrosby P
9Jan-2018Effective Relief of Pain and Associated Symptoms With Closed‐Loop Spinal Cord Stimulation System: Preliminary Results of the Avalon StudyRusso M Cousins MBrooker CTaylor NBoesel TSullivan R Poree LShariati NHHanson EParker J
10Jan-2018New Therapy for Refractory Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain-Restorative Neurostimulation to Activate the Lumbar Multifidus: One Year Results of a Prospective Multicenter Clinical TrialDeckers KDe Smedt KMitchell BVivian DRusso M Georgius PGreen MVieceli JEldabe SGulve AVan Buyten JPSmet IMehta VRamaswamy SBaranidharan GSullivan R Gassin RRathmell JGilligan C
11Dec-2017The physiological effects of slow breathing in the healthy humanRusso M Santarelli DO'Rourke D
124-Sep-2017Pain relief of sore throat with a new anti-inflammatory throat lozenge, ibuprofen 25 mg: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, international phase III studyBouroubi ADonazzolo YDonath FEccles RRusso M Harambillet NGautier SMontagne A
13Oct-2016Effectiveness of PRP in the treatment of tendinopathy: letter to the editorRusso M Volschenk WSantarelli D
14Jun-2016Efficacy of flurbiprofen 8.75 mg spray in patients with sore throat due to an upper respiratory tract infection: A randomised controlled trialde Looze FRusso M Bloch MMontgomery BShephard ASmith GAspley S
15May-2016High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation at 10 kHz for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: 6-Month Australian Clinical ExperienceRusso M Verrills PMitchell BSalmon JBarnard ASantarelli D
1618-Feb-2016Results From the Partnership for Advancement in Neuromodulation Registry: A 24-Month Follow-UpDeer TRSkaribas IMcJunkin TNelson CSalmon JDarnule ABraswell JJRusso M Gomezese OF
172016Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Back PainVerrills PRusso M 
187-Nov-2015A Novel Compound Analgesic Cream (Ketamine, Pentoxifylline, Clonidine, DMSO) for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome PatientsRusso M Santarelli DRusso, M 
192-Jul-2015Improved Pain Relief With Burst Spinal Cord Stimulation for Two Weeks in Patients Using Tonic Stimulation: Results From a Small Clinical Study: Improved Pain Relief with Burst SCSCourtney PEspinet AMitchell BRusso M Muir AVerrills PDavis K
2019-May-201510-kHz High-Frequency SCS Therapy: A Clinical SummaryRusso M Van Buyten JP
216-Mar-2015Stimulation of Dorsal Root Ganglia for the Management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Prospective Case SeriesVan Buyten JPSmet ILiem LRusso M Huygen F
22Mar-2015Thoracic Spinal Cord Stimulation for Heart Failure as a Restorative Treatment (SCS HEART study): First-in-man experienceTse HFTurner SSanders POkuyama YFujiu KCheung CWRusso M Green MDYiu KHSiu D
23Jan-2015One-Year Outcomes of Spinal Cord Stimulation of the Dorsal Root Ganglion in the Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic PainLiem LRusso M Huygen FJVan Buyten JPSmet IVerrills PCousins MBrooker CLevy RDeer TRKramer J
24Jan-2015Lack of Body Positional Effects on Paresthesias When Stimulating the Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) in the Treatment of Chronic PainKramer JLiong LRusso M Smet IVan Buyten JPHuygen F
25Oct-2014International Neuromodulation Society Critical Assessment: Guideline Review of Implantable Neurostimulation DevicesDeer TRThomson SPope JERusso M Luscombe FLevy R
2629-Oct-2013A Multicenter, Prospective Trial to Assess the Safety and Performance of the Spinal Modulation Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurostimulator System in the Treatment of Chronic PainLiem LRusso M Huygen FJVan Buyten JPSmet IVerrills PCousins MBrooker CLevy RDeer TRKramer J
271-Feb-2013Flurbiprofen microgranules for relief of sore throat: A randomised, double-blind trialRusso M Bloch Mde Looze FMorris CShephard A
281-Oct-2009Patient Preference for Sustained-Release versus Standard Paracetamol (Acetaminophen): A Multicentre, Randomized, Open-Label, Two-Way Crossover Study in Subjects with Knee OsteoarthritisBenson MMarangou ARusso M Durocher JCollaku AStarkey YY