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1Sep-2022Current approaches to acute postoperative pain management after major abdominal surgeryPirie, K Traer, E Finniss, D Myles, PS Riedel, BJ 
213-Apr-2019Transition from acute to chronic pain after surgeryGlare P,Aubrey K,Myles PS 
314-Jun-2018Restrictive versus liberal fluid therapy for major abdominal surgeryMyles, PS Bellomo, RCorcoran, TForbes, APeyton, PStory, DChristophi, CLeslie, K McGuinness, S Parke, RSerpell, JChan, MTV Painter, TMcCluskey, SMinto, GWallace, SANZCA Clinical Trials Network NZ Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group
4Apr-2018Systematic review and consensus definitions for the Standardised Endpoints in Perioperative Medicine (StEP) initiative: patient comfort.Myles, PS Boney, OBotti, MCyna, AMGan, TJJensen, MPKehlet, HKurz, ADe Oliveira, GS JrPeyton, PSessler, DITramèr, MRWu, CLStEP–COMPAC GroupMyles, P Grocott, MBiccard, BBlazeby, JBoney, OChan, MDiouf, EFleisher, LKalkman, CKurz, AMoonesinghe, RWijeysundera, D
5Feb-2017Intraoperative dexamethasone does not increase the risk of postoperative wound infection: a propensity score-matched post hoc analysis of the ENIGMA-II trial (EnDEX).Corcoran, TKasza, JShort, TG O'Loughlin, E Chan, MTV Leslie, K Forbes, APaech, MMyles, P 
6May-2016Severe Nausea and Vomiting in the Evaluation of Nitrous Oxide in the Gas Mixture for Anesthesia II TrialMyles PS Chan MTKasza JPaech MJ Leslie K Peyton PJSessler DIHaller GBeattie WSOsborne CSneyd JRForbes A
711-Mar-2016Measurement of exercise tolerance before surgery (METS) study: A protocol for an international multicentre prospective cohort study of cardiopulmonary exercise testing prior to major non-cardiac surgeryWijeysundera DNPearse RMShulman MAAbbott TETorres ECroal BLGranton JTThorpe KEGrocott MPFarrington CMyles PS Cuthbertson BHMETS Study Investigators
8Feb-2016Stopping vs. Continuing Aspirin before Coronary Artery SurgeryMyles, PS Smith, JAForbes, ASilbert, BJayarajah, MPainter, TCooper, DJMarasco, SMcNeil, JBussières, JSWallace, SATACAS Investigators of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network
9Mar-2015Measurement of disability-free survival after surgery.Shulman, MA Myles, PS Chan, MTV McIlroy, DRWallace, SophiePonsford, Jennie
10Nov-2014Safety, feasibility, and effect of remote ischemic conditioning in patients undergoing lung transplantation.Lin, E Snell, Gregory ILevvey, Bronwyn JMifsud, NicolePaul, MoumitaBuckland, MR Gooi, JulianMarasco, SilvanaSharland, Alexandra FMyles, PS 
1118-Oct-2014The safety of addition of nitrous oxide to general anaesthesia in at-risk patients having major non-cardiac surgery (ENIGMA-II): a randomised, single-blind trial.Myles, PS Leslie, K Chan, MTV Forbes, APeyton, PJ Paech, MJ Beattie, SSessler, DIDevereaux, PJSilbert, BS Schricker, TWallace, SANZCA Trials Group for the ENIGMA-II investigators
12May-2014A pilot study for a prospective, randomized, double-blind trial of the influence of anesthetic depth on long-term outcome.Short, TG Leslie, K Campbell, DChan, MTCorcoran, TO'Loughlin, E Frampton, CMyles, PS 
13Jan-2014Automated preoperative assessment of endothelial dysfunction and risk stratification for perioperative myocardial injury in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery.McIlroy, DRChan, MTV Wallace, S KSymons, JA Loo, E G YChu, LCY Myles, PS 
14Jun-2013Leukocyte DNA damage and wound infection after nitrous oxide administration: a randomized controlled trial.Chen, YanLiu, XiaodongCheng, Christopher H KGin, T Leslie, K Myles, PS Chan, MTV 
15Feb-2012The Australian approach to peri-operative fluid balanceGlasford, NJMyles, PS Bellomo, R
16Aug-2011A cost-benefit analysis of the ENIGMA trialGraham, AMMyles, PS Leslie, K Chan, MTPaech, MJ Peyton, PJ El Dawlatly, AA
1729-Mar-2011Perioperative epidural analgesia for major abdominal surgery for cancer and recurrence-free survival: randomised trial.Myles, PS Peyton, PJ Silbert, BS Hunt, JRigg, JRSessler, DIANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
18Feb-2011Nitrous oxide and long-term morbidity and mortality in the ENIGMA trial.Leslie, K Myles, PS Chan, MTV Forbes, APaech, MJ Peyton, PJ Silbert, BS Williamson, E
19Oct-2010Complications and mortality in older surgical patients in Australia and New Zealand (the REASON study): a multicentre, prospective, observational study.Story, DA Leslie, K Myles, PS Fink, MPoustie, SJForbes, AYap, S Beavis, VKerridge, R REASON InvestigatorsANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
20Oct-2010Complications and mortality in older surgical patients in Australia and New Zealand (the REASON study): a multicentre, prospective, observational study.Story, DA Leslie, K Myles, PS Fink, MPoustie, S JForbes, AYap, S Beavis, VKerridge, R REASON InvestigatorsAustralian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Trials Group
21Oct-2008Risk factors for severe postoperative nausea and vomiting in a randomised trial of nitrous oxide-based versus nitrous oxide-free anaesthesia.Leslie, K Myles, PS Chan, MTV Paech, MPeyton, PJ Forbes, AMcKenzie, DENIGMA Trial Group
22Feb-2008Aspirin and Tranexamic Acid for Coronary Artery Surgery (ATACAS) Trial: rationale and design.Myles, PS Smith, JKnight, JCooper, DJSilbert, BS McNeil, JEsmore, DSBuxton, BKrum, HForbes, ATonkin, AATACAS Trials Group
23Oct-2007Anticoagulation, bleeding and blood transfusion practices in Australasian cardiac surgical practice.Daly, DJMyles, PS Smith, JAKnight, JLClavisi, OBain, DLGlew, RGibbs, NMMerry, AEANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
24Jun-2005Large multicentre trials in anaesthesia: the ANZCA Clinical Trials Group.Story, DA Myles, PS 
25May-2004Bispectral index monitoring to prevent awareness during anaesthesia: the B-Aware randomised controlled trial.Myles, PS Leslie, K McNeil, JForbes, AChan, MTV 
26-Implication of Major Adverse Postoperative Events and Myocardial Injury on Disability and Survival: A Planned Subanalysis of the ENIGMA-II Trial.Beattie, WSWijeysundera, DNChan, MTV Peyton, PJ Leslie, K Paech, MJ Sessler, DIWallace, SMyles, PS Galagher, WFarrington, CDitoro, ABaulch, SSidiropoulos, SBulach, RBryant, DO'Loughlin, E Mitteregger, VBolsin, SOsborne, CMcRae, RBackstrom, MCotter, RMarch, SSilbert, BSaid, SHalliwell, RCope, JFahlbusch, DCrump, DThompson, GJefferies, AReeves, MBuckley, NTidy, TSchricker, TLattermann, RIannuzzi, DCarroll, JJacka, MBryden, CBadner, NTsang, MWYCheng, BCPFong, ACMChu, LCY Koo, EGYMohd, NMing, LECampbell, DMcAllister, DWalker, SOlliff, SKennedy, REldawlatly, AAlzahrani, TChua, NSneyd, RMcMillan, HParkinson, IBrennan, ABalaji, PNightingale, JKunst, GDickinson, MSubramaniam, BBanner-Godspeed, VLiu, JKurz, AHesler, BFu, AYEgan, CFiffick, ANHutcherson MTTuran, ANaylor, AObal, DCooke, EANZCA Clinical Trials Network for the ENIGMA-II Investigators. Abstract
27-Anaesthetic depth and complications after major surgery: an international, randomised controlled trialShort TGCampbell DFrampton CChan MTVMyles PS Corcoran TBSessler DIMills GHCata JPPainter TByrne KHan RChu MHMMcAllister DJLeslie K Balanced Anaesthesia Study Group
28-Days at home after surgery: an integrated and efficient outcome measure for clinical trials and quality assuranceBell MEriksson LISvensson THallqvist LGranath FReilly J Myles PS 
29-Perioperative oxygen administration in patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery under general anaesthesia in Australia and New Zealand.Frei DRBeasley RCampbell DLeslie K Merry AF Moore MMyles PS Ruawai-Hamilton LShort TGSibanda NYoung PJ