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Title: PS08 Statement on the Assistant for the Anaesthetist
Keywords: assistants to the anaesthetist
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Abstract: 1. PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to recognise the importance of and to promote the development of quality assistants to the anaesthetist, and to guide the training of assistants by identifying the necessary core competencies to assist with the development of training curricula. It is also intended to guide staffing requirements 2. INTRODUCTION The presence of a trained assistant for the anaesthetist during the conduct of anaesthesia is a major contributory factor to safe patient management. The backgrounds and pathways to becoming assistants are variable, however, appropriate training must be undertaken in order to provide effective support to the anaesthetist. The recommendations that follow establish both the practical and educational responsibilities of a competent assistant to the anaesthetist. This document was last reviewed in 2008 and republished in 2012. In addition to the stated purpose of this document the current review includes a change to the title to align with ANZCA’s simplification of categories of its professional documents
Type: Professional Document
Copyright holder: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
Affiliates: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
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