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114-Jun-2018Restrictive versus liberal fluid therapy for major abdominal surgeryMyles, PS Bellomo, RCorcoran, TForbes, APeyton, PStory, DChristophi, CLeslie, K McGuinness, S Parke, RSerpell, JChan, MTV Painter, TMcCluskey, SMinto, GWallace, SANZCA Clinical Trials Network NZ Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group
2Mar-2017Survey of research capability at Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists accredited training sites.Goulding, KRPeyton, PJ Story, DA Parker, ALeslie, K ANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
3Sep-2011Inconsistent survey reporting in anesthesia journals.Story, DA Gin, Vna Ranong, VPoustie, SJones, DANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
429-Mar-2011Perioperative epidural analgesia for major abdominal surgery for cancer and recurrence-free survival: randomised trial.Myles, PS Peyton, PJ Silbert, BS Hunt, JRigg, JRSessler, DIANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
5Oct-2010Complications and mortality in older surgical patients in Australia and New Zealand (the REASON study): a multicentre, prospective, observational study.Story, DA Leslie, K Myles, PS Fink, MPoustie, SJForbes, AYap, S Beavis, VKerridge, R REASON InvestigatorsANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
6Oct-2008Difficult and failed intubation in obstetric anaesthesia: an observational study of airway management and complications associated with general anaesthesia for caesarean section.McDonnell, NJ Paech, MJ Clavisi, OMScott, KLANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
7Oct-2008A prospective study of awareness and recall associated with general anaesthesia for caesarean section.Paech, MJ Scott, KLClavisi, OChua, SMcDonnell, NJ ANZCA Clinical Trials Network 
8Oct-2007Anticoagulation, bleeding and blood transfusion practices in Australasian cardiac surgical practice.Daly, DJMyles, PS Smith, JAKnight, JLClavisi, OBain, DLGlew, RGibbs, NMMerry, AEANZCA Clinical Trials Network