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Title: New Zealand authors in major anaesthesia journals: a bibliography
Authors: Hutchinson BR
Keywords: New Zealand
medical writing
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This document completes my survey of publications by New Zealand anaesthetists. I have previously compiled bibliographies of papers relating to anaesthesia which appeared in the New Zealand Medical Journal (1), the New Zealand Dental Journal (2), and an Appendix (3) listing books on anaesthesia by New Zealanders, New Zealand postgraduate degree theses relating to anaesthesia, and a list of New Zealand anaesthetists’ obituaries. The journals covered here are Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (Anaesth Intensive Care), Anesthesia and Analgesia (Anesth Analg), Anesthesiology, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, now ANZ Journal of Surgery (ANZJ Surg), the British Journal of Anaesthesia (Br J Anaesth) and the Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia (Can J Anaesth), all from their initial date of publication up to the end of the year 2000. I believe this covers the majority of journals to which New Zealanders have contributed. There may be a few papers in Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica (Acta Anaesthiol Scand) but this journal has not been available to me. A few papers may be found elsewhere, such as in the Medical Journal of Australia, and the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, but these are too few to warrant a full search. In this document, authors are listed alphabetically and if they wrote multiple papers, these are listed chronologically. Initial authors are listed in bold type if New Zealanders, soft type if non-New Zealanders. Where there are multiple authors, if other than New Zealand authors are involved, the New Zealanders are underlined. If they are former New Zealanders, they are marked by an asterisk. There are a few anomalies. Professor A B Baker, an Australian, spent a significant term in New Zealand as Professor of Anaesthesia at the University of Otago, so he is given honorary New Zealand status! Some authors left this country many years ago, but are still listed here as former New Zealanders. Some native New Zealanders are not included in this document, for example the late Professor Sir Robert Macintosh, as although a native New Zealander, he trained in Britain and did not return to work here – much as we might like to claim him! Overseas authors who have become New Zealanders are simply listed as New Zealanders. Basil R Hutchinson Auckland 2014
Type: Thesis and Dissertation
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