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Title: Suitability of Nintendo Wii Balance Board for rehabilitation of standing after stroke.
Authors: Harvey, Nathan
Ada, Louise
Keywords: stroke
biofeedback, psychology
stroke rehabilitation
postural balance
video games
Issue Date: 2012
Source: 17(5):311-321.
Abstract: Background: Normal standing requires ongoing postural adjustments while performing a variety of everyday tasks. Reduced muscle strength and dexterity affect the ability to stand after stroke. Biofeedback has been shown to be effective in training lower limb activities in people with stroke. Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii Balance Board, and Nintendo Wii Fit Plus are potentially useful devices for providing feedback to train standing after stroke. Objectives: What specific Nintendo Wii Fit Plus games are suitable for rehabilitation of standing in patients with stroke? Method: A criteria-based review of the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus was carried out to determine the movements required, feedback provided, demands upon the patient, difficulty of and instruction provided by the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus games in the context of stroke rehabilitation. Seventy-five Nintendo Wii Fit Plus games were reviewed and 20 were included for in-depth review. Major findings: The games require movements of the centre of mass in different directions, provide feedback in different ways and place additional physical and cognitive demands upon the patient. Only five games are suitable for people who have severely impaired ability to stand. Six games are suitable for people with moderately impaired standing and nine games are suitable only for people with mildly impaired standing ability. Game goals and the position of the patient can be modified to make the games target physiotherapy goals. Conclusions: Enough suitable games exist to make the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii Fit Plus an appropriate biofeedback device for rehabilitation of standing after stroke.
DOI: 10.1179/1743288X12Y.0000000032
Journal Title: Physical Therapy Reviews
Type: Journal Article
Study/Trial: Narrative Reviews
Appears in Collections:Scholarly and Clinical

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