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Title: PS15 Guidelines for the Perioperative Care of Patients Selected for Day Stay Procedures
Keywords: day stay procedures
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Abstract: 1. INTRODUCTION The ultimate aim of facilities performing Day Stay Procedures (DSP) is to discharge their patients on the same day as their admission, or within 24 hours of their procedure, and ideally back to their normal place of residence. It is noted that outpatient procedures have the same goal. Enhanced outcomes are dependent on careful patient selection combined with optimized anaesthesia for any given procedure in an appropriately resourced facility. As an underlying principle, an appreciation of patient values should be considered when formulating any clinical decisions, reflecting respect for and responsiveness to individual patient preferences, needs and values. 2. PURPOSE These guidelines are intended to assist practitioners and healthcare facilities in the perioperative care of patients presenting for DSP.
Type: Professional Document
Copyright holder: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
Affiliates: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
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