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Title: A history of anaesthesia
Authors: Ball, Christine
Keywords: Anaesthesia, Intravenous
Anaesthesia, Intravenous
Anaesthetics, Inhalation
Airway Management
Anaesthesia, Local
malignant hyperthermia
blood pressure
central venous pressure
Anaesthesia, Local
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, Monash University, 2012 Contents: Chapter 1 Why medical history is relevant to a doctorate of medicine Chapter 2 General introduction: My involvement in the history of anaesthesia Chapter 3 Early anaesthetic delivery - simple wire masks Murray's chloroform mask Esmarch's mask The Schimmelbusch mask Kocher's mask Bellamy Gardner's ether mask Chapter 4 Early airway management in anaesthesia Clearing the airway - tongue forceps Clearing the airway - mouth gags, wedges and openers Clearing the airway - the development of the pharyngeal airway Clearing the airway - the cuffed pharyngeal airway Chapter 5 Measuring anaesthetic gas delivery - the development of flow meters Gwathmey's water sight feed The Coxeter Boyle gas anaesthesia apparatus The water depression flowmeter Maximilian Neu and the first anaesthetic rotameter Dry flowmeters The rotameter Chapter 6 Intravenous anaesthesia - the development of equipment and drugs Intravenous equipment - early syringes Intravenous equipment - the ongoing development of the syringe Early blood transfusion equipment Intravenous equipment - infusions Intravenous cannulae Modem developments - plastic cannulae and the Court butterfly needle Early intravenous anaesthesia The history of intravenous anaesthesia: the barbiturates. Part 1 The history of intravenous anaesthesia: the barbiturates. Part 2 The history of intravenous anaesthesia: the barbiturates. Part 3 Intravenous anaesthesia: steroids Induction agents: Avertin Intravenous induction agents: benzodiazepines Intravenous induction agents: ketamine Intravenous induction agents: propanidid Intravenous induction agents: etomidate Intravenous induction agents: propofol Intravenous induction agents: opioids Chapter 7 Local anaesthesia - the development of equipment and drugs Local anaesthesia - before cocaine Local anaesthesia - the early history of cocaine Local anaesthesia - Freud, Koller and cocaine Local anaesthesia - early nerve blocks Local anaesthesia - early spinal anaesthesia Local anaesthesia - the early evolution of spinal needles Local anaesthesia - the continuing evolution of spinal needles Local anaesthesia - after cocaine Local anaesthesia - procaine (novocaine, ethocaine) Local anaesthesia - nupercaine and amethocaine Local anaesthesia - the origins of xylocaine (lignocaine) Local anaesthesia - the introduction of xylocaine into clinical practice Local anaesthesia - after xylocaine Chapter 8 Muscle relaxants - from curare to rocuronium Muscle relaxants - the early history Muscle relaxants - intocostrin Muscle relaxants - d-tubocurarine The first synthetic non-depolarising muscle relaxant - gallamine Muscle relaxants - decamethonium Muscle relaxants - suxamethonium and TRA Muscle relaxants - alcuronium, pancuronium and vecuronium Muscle relaxants - atracurium and other recent developments Muscle relaxants - reversal agents Chapter 9 Anaesthetic vapours - beyond ether and chloroform Cyclopropane Halothane Methoxyflurane Enflurane Isoflurane Desflurane Sevoflurane Chapter 10 The development of monitoring in anaesthesia The first controversy over monitoring in anaesthesia Assessment and observation: the anaesthetist's tools The introduction of blood pressure monitoring into anaesthesia Blood pressure monitoring - the von Recklinghausen oscillotonometer Direct blood pressure monitoring Central venous pressure monitoring Swan Ganz (pulmonary artery) catheters Chapter 11 Anaesthesia and analgesia The development of oral opioid analgesia The history of simple analgesics The history of pain measurement The history of premedication Chapter 12 Historical Notes on Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. Bibiography Chapter 13 Joseph Thomas Clover (1825-1882) Studies from the private and published papers of a Victorian anaesthetist Joseph Clover's Casebook Chloroform for the King? Joseph Clover, Hemy Thompson and the King of the Belgians Joseph Clover and the cobra: a tale of snake envenomation and attempted resuscitation with bellows in London, 1852 Chapter 14 Malignant hyperthermia Malignant hyperthermia. An Australian Story Chapter 15 Review: Blessed Days of Chloroform Chapter 16 Conclusion Chapter 17 Bibliography
Type: Thesis and Dissertation
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