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Title: PS02 Statement on Credentialling and Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice in Anaesthesia
Keywords: credentialling
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Abstract: From Preamble: Credentialling is verification of the qualifications, experience and professional standing of anaesthetists in order to decide whether they are professionally capable and suitable to provide safe, high quality anaesthesia and perioperative medicine services within specific organisational environments. Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice is delineating the extent of an individual anaesthetist’s clinical practice within a particular organisation, based on his or her credentials, competence, performance and professional suitability, and the needs and capability of the organisation to support his or her clinical practice. Processes of credentialling and defining the scope of clinical practice depend for their effectiveness on strong links between health care organisations and professional bodies. Such processes must be fair, transparent, and legally robust. Credentialling in anaesthesia allows a medical practitioner to provide clinical services at a healthcare institution. The process of credentialling should be performed by a committee appointed by the institution. Credentialling is an integral part of processes for the maintenance of the professional standards necessary for all Fellows of the College and for other anaesthetists working in any institution. The scope of practice would be determined by negotiation between the anaesthetist and the head of clinical service of the institution. Medical regulatory authorities are moving towards a requirement that all medical practitioners be credentialled regularly by the healthcare institution(s) in which they work. Credentialling is one of several measures aimed at ensuring ongoing competence to practise in a designated area of medicine. Credentialling indicates that an individual has maintained his/her consulting, communication and clinical skills at an appropriate standard. The College does not credential its Fellows directly. It does offer its Continuing Professional Development program (CPD) to all anaesthetists as an integral part of continuing medical education and quality assurance. The following statement on credentialling and defining the scope of clinical practice has been established by the College to assist healthcare institutions with the development of processes appropriate for anaesthetists.
Description: Review PS2 (2006)
Type: Professional Document
Copyright holder: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
Affiliates: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
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