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Title: A pharmacokinetic framework describing antibiotic adsorption to cardiopulmonary bypass devices
Authors: O'Hanlon C
Holford N
Anderson BJ 
Greaves M
Blackburn L
Tingle MD
Hannam JA
Abstract: Abstract Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) can alter pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters and the drug may adsorb to the CPB device, altering exposure. Cefazolin is a beta-lactam antibiotic used for antimicrobial prophylaxis during cardiac surgery supported by CPB. Adsorption of cefazolin could result in therapeutic failure. An ex vivo study was undertaken using CPB devices primed and then dosed with cefazolin and samples were obtained over 1 hour of recirculation. Twelve experimental runs were conducted using different CPB device sizes (neonate, infant, child, and adult), device coatings (Xcoating™, Rheoparin®, PH.I.S.I.O), and priming solutions. The time course of saturable binding, using Bmax (binding capacity), Kd (dissociation constant), and T2off (half-time of dissociation), described cefazolin adsorption. Bmax estimates for the device sizes were neonate 40.0 mg (95% CI 24.3, 67.4), infant 48.6 mg (95% CI 5.97, 80.2), child 77.8 mg (95% CI 54.9, 103), and adult 196 mg (95% CI 191, 199). The Xcoating™ Kd estimate was 139 mg/L (95% CI 27.0, 283) and the T2off estimate was 98.4 min (95% CI 66.8, 129). The Rheoparin® and PH.I.S.I.O coatings had similar binding parameters with Kd and T2off estimates of 0.169 mg/L (95% CI 0.01, 1.99) and 4.94 min (95% CI 0.17, 59.4). The Bmax was small (< 10%) relative to a typical total patient dose during cardiac surgery supported by CPB. A dose adjustment for cefazolin based solely on drug adsorption is not required. This framework could be extended to other PK studies involving CPB.
ISSN: 2163-8306
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