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112-Apr-2023Weights while waiting: change in weight between the date of booking for surgery and the date of surgerySmith NA 
2Nov-2019The clinical, functional and disability characteristics of patients with severe obesity presenting for non-bariatric surgery.Smith NA Batterham MPeoples GEShulman MA
32019Impact of body mass index on utilization of selected hospital resources for four common surgical proceduresFreckelton LLambert KSmith NA Westley-Wise VLago LMullan J
42018Survey of occupational fatigue in anaesthetists in Australia and New ZealandStuetzle KVPavlin BISmith NA Weston KM
52018How accurately do anaesthetists estimate the cost of their drugs?Fong JKhoo ESmith NA 
62017Measuring the anaesthesia clinical learning environment at the department level is feasible and reliableCastanelli DJSmith NA 
72017Postoperative troponin measurement as a screening tool for adverse cardiac events in adult patients undergoing moderate or major non-cardiac surgeryCoric DSmith NA 
82016Reliability of the Direct Observation of Procedural Skills assessment tool for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesiaChuan, A Thillainathan, SGraham, PLJolly, BWong, DM Smith, NA Barrington, MJ 
92016Use of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test to investigate the prevalence of mild cognitive impairment in the elderly elective surgical populationSmith NA Yeow YY
102015Anaesthesia teaching for medical studentsSmith, NA Ellard, LSidhu, NS Overton, MJRiley, R
112015Anaesthesia priorities for Australian and New Zealand medical school curricula: a Delphi consensus of academic anaesthetistsOverton MJSmith NA 
122015Measuring the clinical learning environment in anaesthesiaSmith NA Castanelli DJ
132015Neostigmine dose: comparison between theory and practiceRoach BSmith NA 
142015Do anaesthetists believe their teaching is evidence-based?Castanelli DJSmith NA Noonan CL
152013Compliance with manual vaporiser block checking of automated electronic anaesthesia machinesErdman PSmith NA 
16Publication.pdf.jpg-Surgical prehabilitation using mobile health coaching in patients with obesity: A pilot studyKulinski, KSmith, NA