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Professor Jennifer Weller

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Professor Jennifer Weller
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Weller, J
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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2016A behaviourally anchored rating scale for evaluating the use of the WHO surgical safety checklist: development and initial evaluation of the WHOBARSDevcich, DAWeller, J Mitchell, SJ McLaughlin, SBarker, LRudolph, JWRaemer, DBZammert, MSinger, SJTorrie, J Frampton, CMMerry, AF 
2Jun-2014Improving team information sharing with a structured call-out in anaesthetic emergencies: a randomized controlled trial.Weller, J Torrie, J Boyd, MFrengley, R Garden, ANg, WL Frampton, C
3Mar-2017Information transfer in multidisciplinary operating room teams: a simulation-based observational studyCumin, DSkilton, CWeller, J 
42015‘It was serendipity’: a qualitative study of academic careers in medical educationHu, WCThistlethwaite, JEWeller, J Gallego, GMonteith, JMcColl, GJ
52015Multidisciplinary operating room simulation-based team training to reduce treatment errors: a feasibility study in New Zealand hospitals.Weller, J Cumin, DTorrie, J Boyd, MCivil, IMadell, DMacCormick, AGurisinghe, NGarden, ACrossan, MNg, WL Johnson, SCorter, ALee, TSelander, LCokorilo, MMerry, AF 
6Jul-2010Standards for simulation in anaesthesia: creating confidence in the tools.Cumin, DWeller, J Henderson, KMerry, AF 
7Sep-2013Validation of a measurement tool for self-assessment of teamwork in intensive care.Weller, J Shulruf, BTorrie, J Frengley, R Boyd, MPaul, AYee, B Dzendrowskyj, P