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11-s2.0-S2058534921000858.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2021Cognitive biases in diagnosis and decision making during anaesthesia and intensive careWebster CSTaylor SWeller JM 
2Feb-2019The reliability of a portfolio of workplace-based assessments in anesthesia training.Castanelli DJMoonen-van Loon JMWJolly BWeller JM 
3Feb-2019The reliability of a portfolio of workplace-based assessments in anesthesia trainingCastanelli DJMoonen-van Loon JMWJolly BWeller JM 
4Mar-2017Information transfer in multidisciplinary operating room teams: a simulation-based observational studyCumin, DSkilton, CWeller, J 
5Feb-2017Making robust assessments of specialist trainees' workplace performanceWeller, JM Castanelli, DJ Chen, YJolly, B
62017Retesting the Hypothesis of a Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial in a Simulation Environment to Validate Anesthesia Simulation in Error Research (the VASER Study).Merry, AF Hannam, Jacqueline AWebster, Craig SEdwards, Kylie-EllenTorrie, J Frampton, ChrisWheeler, Daniel WGupta, Arun KMahajan, Ravi PEvley, RachelWeller, JM 
7Dec-2016Perceptions of purpose, value, and process of the mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise in anesthesia training.Castanelli, DJ Jowsey, TanishaChen, YanWeller, JM 
8Oct-2016A behaviourally anchored rating scale for evaluating the use of the WHO surgical safety checklist: development and initial evaluation of the WHOBARSDevcich, DAWeller, J Mitchell, SJ McLaughlin, SBarker, LRudolph, JWRaemer, DBZammert, MSinger, SJTorrie, J Frampton, CMMerry, AF 
9Nov-2015Deviation from accepted drug administration guidelines during anaesthesia in twenty highly realistic simulated cases.Webster, C SAndersson, EEdwards, KMerry, AF Torrie, J Weller, JM 
10May-2015Debriefing after simulation-based non-technical skill training in healthcare: a systematic review of effective practice.Garden, AL Le Fevre, D MWaddington, H LWeller, JM 
112015‘It was serendipity’: a qualitative study of academic careers in medical educationHu, WCThistlethwaite, JEWeller, J Gallego, GMonteith, JMcColl, GJ
122015Multidisciplinary operating room simulation-based team training to reduce treatment errors: a feasibility study in New Zealand hospitals.Weller, J Cumin, DTorrie, J Boyd, MCivil, IMadell, DMacCormick, AGurisinghe, NGarden, ACrossan, MNg, WL Johnson, SCorter, ALee, TSelander, LCokorilo, MMerry, AF 
13Jun-2014Improving team information sharing with a structured call-out in anaesthetic emergencies: a randomized controlled trial.Weller, J Torrie, J Boyd, MFrengley, R Garden, ANg, WL Frampton, C
14Jan-2014Building the evidence on simulation validity: comparison of anesthesiologists' communication patterns in real and simulated cases.Weller, JM Henderson, RWebster, Craig SShulruf, BoazTorrie, J Davies, ElaineHenderson, KayleneFrampton, ChrisMerry, Alan F
15Sep-2013Validation of a measurement tool for self-assessment of teamwork in intensive care.Weller, J Shulruf, BTorrie, J Frengley, R Boyd, MPaul, AYee, B Dzendrowskyj, P 
16Sep-2013Approaches to learning for the ANZCA Final Examination and validation of the revised Study Process Questionnaire in specialist medical training.Weller, JM Henning, MCivil, N Lavery, LBoyd, M JJolly, B
17Jul-2010Standards for simulation in anaesthesia: creating confidence in the tools.Cumin, DWeller, J Henderson, KMerry, AF 
18-Examining reliability of WHOBARS: a tool to measure the quality of administration of WHO surgical safety checklist using generalisability theory with surgical teams from three New Zealand hospitals.Medvedev ONMerry AF Skilton CGargiulo DAMitchell SJWeller JM 
19-Improving the quality of administration of the Surgical Safety Checklist: a mixed methods study in New Zealand hospitals.Weller JM Jowsey TSkilton CGargiulo DAMedvedev ONCivil IHannam JAMitchell SJTorrie JMerry AF 
20-Shadow systems in assessment: how supervisors make progress decisions in practice.Castanelli DJWeller JM Molloy EBearman M
21-Communication and team function affect patient outcomes in anaesthesia: getting the message acrossMerry, AF Weller, JM