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12021Medication Safety during Anesthesia and the Perioperative PeriodMerry, AF Wahr, J
22017Retesting the Hypothesis of a Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial in a Simulation Environment to Validate Anesthesia Simulation in Error Research (the VASER Study).Merry, AF Hannam, Jacqueline AWebster, Craig SEdwards, Kylie-EllenTorrie, J Frampton, ChrisWheeler, Daniel WGupta, Arun KMahajan, Ravi PEvley, RachelWeller, JM 
3Oct-2016A behaviourally anchored rating scale for evaluating the use of the WHO surgical safety checklist: development and initial evaluation of the WHOBARSDevcich, DAWeller, J Mitchell, SJ McLaughlin, SBarker, LRudolph, JWRaemer, DBZammert, MSinger, SJTorrie, J Frampton, CMMerry, AF 
4Nov-2015Deviation from accepted drug administration guidelines during anaesthesia in twenty highly realistic simulated cases.Webster, C SAndersson, EEdwards, KMerry, AF Torrie, J Weller, JM 
52015Perspective on Cerebral Microemboli in Cardiac Surgery: Significant Problem or Much Ado About Nothing?Mitchell, SJ Merry, AF 
62015Multidisciplinary operating room simulation-based team training to reduce treatment errors: a feasibility study in New Zealand hospitals.Weller, J Cumin, DTorrie, J Boyd, MCivil, IMadell, DMacCormick, AGurisinghe, NGarden, ACrossan, MNg, WL Johnson, SCorter, ALee, TSelander, LCokorilo, MMerry, AF 
7Nov-2013A prospective, observational study of the effects of implementation strategy on compliance with a surgical safety checklist.Hannam, J AGlass, L Kwon, JWindsor, JStapelberg, F Callaghan, KMerry, AF Mitchell, SJ 
89-Sep-2011Compliance and quality in administration of a Surgical Safety Checklist in a tertiary New Zealand hospital.Vogts, N Hannam, Jacqueline AMerry, AF Mitchell, SJ 
92011TADAA: Towards Automated Detection of Anaesthetic Activity.Houliston, B RParry, D TMerry, AF 
10Jul-2010Standards for simulation in anaesthesia: creating confidence in the tools.Cumin, DWeller, J Henderson, KMerry, AF 
11-Examining reliability of WHOBARS: a tool to measure the quality of administration of WHO surgical safety checklist using generalisability theory with surgical teams from three New Zealand hospitals.Medvedev ONMerry AF Skilton CGargiulo DAMitchell SJWeller JM 
12-Perioperative oxygen administration in patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery under general anaesthesia in Australia and New Zealand.Frei DRBeasley RCampbell DLeslie K Merry AF Moore MMyles PS Ruawai-Hamilton LShort TGSibanda NYoung PJ
13-Improving the quality of administration of the Surgical Safety Checklist: a mixed methods study in New Zealand hospitals.Weller JM Jowsey TSkilton CGargiulo DAMedvedev ONCivil IHannam JAMitchell SJTorrie JMerry AF 
14-Communication and team function affect patient outcomes in anaesthesia: getting the message acrossMerry, AF Weller, JM 
15bmjopen-2020-044493.pdf.jpg-Persistent opioid use and opioid-related harm after hospital admissions for surgery and trauma in New Zealand: a population-based cohort studyGong, JMerry, AF Beyene, KACampbell, DFrampton, CJones, PMcCall, JMoore, MChan, AHY